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About the project
The primary goal of the Canterbury Teens Project (CTP) is to help EFL (English as a foreign language) students with the reading comprehension of Geoffrey Chaucer's the Canterbury Tales through a digital edition. Particularly, this project was set up for students who are in their final years of Dutch secondary education (pre-university level). It has therefore been designed with a pedagogic and didactic approach tailored to their needs, which is what current editions on the market lack. In other words, this project seeks to guide EFL students satisfactorily throughout the texts by providing the necessary information and guidance (also questions) needed to fully understand the texts. In addition, the further acquisition of a foreign language, which is English, is also a goal of this project.

What is a digital edition?
A digital edition of a text is the same as a print version of a text, the only difference is that it is provided in electronic form, meaning you have to use a computer device to view it. Other than that, a digital and print version are identical. One advantage that digital editions have over print versions is that they can feature interactive elements within the text itself or redirect users to other internet sites. It can also make use of multimedia such as pictures, recordings, videos and animation for any purpose.

How does this website differ from other websites?
This project aims to digitalize Chaucer's the Canterbury Tales in order to make use of the digital tools that only digital technology can offer. For instance, instead of simply making the text available online, this digital edition makes use of features and functions that can help with the comprehension of the text. Think about medieval clothing, for example. Students are far removed from the medieval world and would have no idea what medieval clothing are or even look like. How convenient would it be if a simple click on the word could generate a picture and a word definition right then and there without having to abandon the text? This is what the Canterbury Teens Project strives to do; to speed up the process of looking-up unfamiliar language or references, and providing essential information for the comprehension of the Tales in ways that books are unable to do without cluttering a page or having to resort to somewhere else in the book. In essence, students figuratively and literally engage with the text thanks to the features and functions incorporated within the text itself.

Happy reading!

Editor and creator,
Derrick Manzanares, M.A.Ed.
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