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Welcome to the Canterbury Teens Project!

The project
The Canterbury Teens project (CTP) was created to make the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer more accessible to students of English as a foreign language (EFL). The project does this by providing a digital edition of the Canterbury Tales tailored to the needs and level of EFL students.

The digital edition of the Canterbury Tales on this website
In the case of this website, the Canterbury Tales are not just simply provided online (only the text), but digital tools have been embedded within the publication itself to provide information that is needed to fully comprehend the Tales. Think for example of the social, cultural, and historical context of the medieval period that is far removed from today's world, but still holds crucial information in order to understand the Tales. This is exactly what CTP aims to do through digital tools that are easily available on the internet, i.e., speed up the process of looking-up unfamiliar language (word definition) or references, and providing essential information to help with the comprehension of the Tales in ways that books are unable to do without cluttering a page or having to resort to somewhere else in the book. Have a look for yourself! Feel free to check out 'The Tales' tab where you will find all the tales in the future. The first completed online edition is the Pardoner's Prologue and Tale.

Have a look at the facsimile below!
Have a look at the scan, or in proper terms, the facsimile below taken from the Ellesmere manuscript that now resides at the Huntington museum in California. Check out the intricate details (very complicated or detailed) on this page which depicts the opening lines of the Knight's Tale. Do you notice anything interesting?

*At the moment we are updating the website so that mobile phones & tablets can navigate the website properly! It is advisable to use a computer instead for a better experience.

Facsimile of the Knight's tale (Ellesmere MS)
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